AmEx+ Tina Fey

Amex wanted to launch their Pay It/Plan It app functionality, but how do you make a credit card app update exciting? You bring back Tina Fey, obviously. Writing jokes for Tina and directing Ethan Hawke on VO? My parents finally had a son they could brag about. Role: Creative Director/Writer
Partner: Sebastian Andreassen

Social Videos

Audible for Business

How do you make Audible’s new B2B offering sexy? You show how even the most guilty-pleasure Audible audiobooks can offer your company’s employees some brilliant business insights. This was easily the most fun I’ve had on a B2B pitch, and it won the Audible business. Role: Creative Director/Writer
Partner: Sebastian Andreassen

On LinkedIn, iconic fictional characters would send messages to business leaders telling them how their stories (now available on Audible for Business) could help their teams succeed at work.

Tap That Ad
On IG Stories, sexy pixelated images would, upon being tapped, reveal the cover of an audiobook with surprising business insights.


Invisalign wanted to launch a teen-focused campaign that showed how they were better than braces. So we launched our campaign with a series of fake movie trailers that showed how, with braces, teens’ lives can become high drama.
Role: Creative Director/Writer


Everyone knows Triscuit, but most people who love Triscuit are grandparents. So we launched a total brand refresh that modernized, dramatized, and younger-ized the company’s image, which increased sales by 30% in the first 3 months. Role: Creative Director/Writer
Partner: Sebastian Andreassen

The Missing Ingredients Project

Triscuit also wanted to do some good in the world, but rather than sending a one-time donation to a famous organization and writing 25 press releases about it, I helped come up with and launch The Missing Ingredients Project, a 3-year partnership with the activists, food banks, and local organizations that are actually doing the work to get better food into more neighborhoods.


For the 10 year anniversary of Shop Small, AmEx wanted to do something big and buzzy that celebrated the occasion while also getting people’s feet in the doors of small businesses across America. So we created the #ShopSmallBigHug, an incredibly stupid social challenge in which people showed love by hugging their favorite small businesses — literally.

Across social media, people hugged windows, hugged walls, hugged merch, and hugged (consenting) employees, all while driving a record increase in foot traffic on Small Business Saturday.

Role: Creative Director
Partner: Sebastian Andreassen

Step 1: Intro post

Step 2: Influencers get it rolling (most are unfortunately too cool to hug an actual store)

Step 3: The internet runs with it!